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[Emulador N64] DaedalusX64


Descarga DaedalusX64 - Beta 2 Update

Novedades de la versión Beta 2 Update:
[!] Fixed crash when loading 2nd ROM on Phat (Kreationz)
[+] Roms up to 16Mb loaded into Slim Memory (Kreationz)
[-]Removed Double Display Lists (To be replaced with proper paging code)(Kreationz)
[-]Temporarily Removed DynarecLoopOptimisation (Causes most games to crash under current CPU code)(Kreationz)
[+] Added resources from upgrade in prep for new GUI(No Lite version for future releases(Kreationz)
[~] Fixed typos in rom.ini (Salvy)
[~] Added 2 games to rom.ini (Salvy)
[!] Compiler shouldn't make too much noise now (ex:blendmodes)(Salvy)
[!] Fixed performance decrease per game loaded.(Salvy)
[!] updated intrafont to 0.31, contains various bug fixes and enhancements(Salvy)
[+]Added blendmodes: (Salvy)
*Zelda Oot:
Big tree on Kokiri Forest is now rendered
Hearts should blend better now, (still WIP)
Rupees show up better. (Wally/Salvy)
*Batman Beyond
Characters, enemies,foes, and other things should show up now
*Pilot Wings
Beaches should blend correctly
*Super Bowling 64
Needs more work, but now should be more "playable"
[~] Move RSP logic out of CPU core(Howard0su)
[!] Change KnownValue of a register from s32 to REG32. So that we can cleanup the code a bit(Howard0su)
[~] Simplify the logic to handle register cache in LoopOptimization(Howard0su)
[~] Cleanup the logic for JAL, JALR in the PSP code generator(Howard0su)
[~] Simplify the parameters for GenerateCode.
[+] Delay initialize MediaEngine. So that we can suspend if we don't use Async Sound. (If you use async sound once, before you exit to XMB, you can not suspend anymore.)(Howard0su)
[+] Improve Batch Test framework abit and bring it to PC platform(Howard0su)
[+] Declare MAKE_UNCACHED_PTR for PSP(Howard0su)
[+] Move all I/O access to Hardware component. (Merged from -N64 tree by Howard0su)

Lista de Compatibilidad (Beta 2):

Pokemon stadium (PSP FAT/1004): Pantallazo negro (Crash).

Super Mario 64 (PSP FAT/1004): Sin sonido: Fullspeed en el exterior del castillo y en el primer mundo - Con sonido (Sincronizado): Fullspeed en el exterior del castillo y a unos 18-22 frames constantes en el primer mundo. el sonido petardea un poco

Super Smash Bros (PSP FAT/1004): Sin sonido: 29-35 frames, con algún bajón - Con sonido: 26-29 frames, con bajones en las explosiones - Con y Sin sonido: Fallos gráficos en los proyectiles.

Star Fox 64 (U)(PSP FAT/1004): Sin sonido: 18-20 frames, con alti-bajos (más "alti" que "bajos") - Con sonido: 12-16 frames, con alti-bajos (más "bajos" que "alti").



Información y novedades de la versión beta 1:
DaedalusX64 Beta 1 - 08 November 2008 (Change from R14 Beta)
[+] TV Out Support (Chilly Willy)
[+] ME Audio Supported (Small speed-up with sound on.) (Chilly Willy)
[+] Increased audio buffers for better sound quality (Kreationz)
[+] Changed logo and graphics to represent new name (graphic by SynGamer)
[!] Fixed screen shots (Chilly Willy)
[!] Fixed an OoT custom clend Mode (Wally)
[!] Fixed Shaking using double display lists (GoldenEye 007, others...) (idea Wally, code Kreationz)
[!] Pause Menu Reset not working properly (Kreationz)
[!] Fixed FPS Display and Framerate limiter (Kreationz)
[!] Optimized code generation for fragments which branch to themselves is now optional
Fixes games that broke from R12-13 (Kreationz)
[^] Improved thread communications in job manager (Hlide)

Enjoy and thank you for supporting our efforts. I'd like to thank those that contributed code this round:
Chilly Willy - PSP Code Master
Kreationz - General Coding and Debugging
Wally - Graphics and more
Hlide - Thread and Dynarec
Howard0su - General Code

Also in misc credits go to:
Moers - Admin
SynGamer - Logo
ShinyDude100 - Ideas and getting the ball rolling

And special Thx to:
Azimer for his audio code
Rice for his video code

and last but certainly not least...

Strmnnrmn whom without this we wouldn't be here.


Bajo el nombre de DaedalusX64, Shinydude100 y su grupo planean darle un nuevo giro de tuerca a la emulación de N64 en PSP, tratando de mejorar el rendimiento y la apariencia de las texturas de juegos como Ocarina y Diddy Kong Racing, cambiando el plugin gráfico.

Shinydude100: "This should be supported for the PSP, and if all goes well, we should see increased performance, and even better texture rendered on the floors of games like Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Diddy Kong Racing with actual polygons appearing. By change, i do not mean i'm suggesting, i mean i'll change the graphics plugin to an 07 graphics based Plugin which should support our PSPs. GRAPHICAL IMPROVEMENT is a BIG thing when it comes to the emulated FPS we get on Deadalus."

Shinydude100 cree que puede conseguir que el Zelda Ocarina of Time corra a más de 25 frames. pero lo dicho, cautela, porque comenta que de momento no está trabajando en ello y que solo son ideas en base al trabajo que está llevando a cabo.

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